Orbit(s) of Selected Satellite

Year: 2019, NORAD ID: 39762

Date Time Period (min.) Inclination (deg) Perigee (km) Apogee (km) CPF file TLE file
2019-03-1920:04:54115.7782.401467.441513.64 open open
2019-03-2019:15:49115.7882.391466.941514.22 open open
2019-03-2318:46:21115.8182.391467.261516.90 open open
2019-03-3118:03:49115.8582.381468.811518.70 open open
2019-04-0218:17:17115.7682.371468.241511.48 open open
2019-08-2801:43:17115.7982.541444.771538.04 open open
2019-10-0120:11:05115.6882.491333.251639.57 open open



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