Orbit(s) of Selected Satellite

Year: 2019, NORAD ID: 28352

Date Time Period (min.) Inclination (deg) Perigee (km) Apogee (km) CPF file TLE file
2019-02-1817:32:30101.9170.90840.14858.29 open open
2019-03-2002:57:21101.9170.93835.05863.46 open open
2019-03-2901:16:14101.8770.95832.06862.69 open open
2019-04-2019:08:53101.9071.03832.10865.58 open open
2019-04-2118:56:29101.9271.08824.39875.12 open open
2019-04-2318:32:22101.9571.04834.11867.78 open open
2019-04-2418:20:40101.9571.05834.18868.21 open open
2019-04-2519:53:13101.9171.05833.20865.37 open open
2019-04-2617:57:41101.9671.06834.21868.30 open open
2019-09-0202:08:05101.8770.90833.06861.18 open open
2019-10-0118:39:55101.8371.00832.49858.46 open open



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