Orbit(s) of Selected Satellite

Year: 2018, NORAD ID: 23278

Date Time Period (min.) Inclination (deg) Perigee (km) Apogee (km) CPF file TLE file
2018-06-1422:07:47106.0882.89398.781690.65 open open
2018-06-2120:34:59106.0782.90398.061691.21 open open
2018-10-1018:08:25106.0383.01383.231702.14 open open
2018-10-1617:36:20106.0883.02387.821701.97 open open
2018-10-1718:22:46106.0783.02387.081701.41 open open
2018-10-1819:11:47106.0983.02389.241701.67 open open



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