Orbit(s) of Selected Satellite

Year: 2019, NORAD ID: 22219

Date Time Period (min.) Inclination (deg) Perigee (km) Apogee (km) CPF file TLE file
2019-04-2100:10:21101.7970.98826.53860.49 open open
2019-04-2123:58:03101.7770.98826.13858.51 open open
2019-04-2323:31:15101.7670.98826.87857.49 open open
2019-04-2423:17:11101.7870.99826.66858.89 open open
2019-04-2523:03:57101.7770.98827.63857.43 open open
2019-04-2622:51:13101.7670.98826.51857.05 open open
2019-05-0321:16:37101.7670.99826.34857.79 open open
2019-09-0422:22:00101.7170.97823.47856.22 open open



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