Orbit(s) of Selected Satellite

Year: 2018, NORAD ID: 15822

Date Time Period (min.) Inclination (deg) Perigee (km) Apogee (km) CPF file TLE file
2018-01-2319:28:25115.8473.481385.331601.45 open open
2018-05-0220:14:50115.9573.611486.001510.71 open open
2018-05-0321:25:41115.9173.621484.081509.03 open open
2018-05-2222:04:05115.8073.661470.031512.97 open open
2018-05-2920:21:42115.8273.661479.081506.47 open open
2018-06-0723:08:09115.8973.691475.441515.82 open open
2018-06-0822:19:22115.8773.691473.721515.60 open open



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